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West meets East

Istanbul is the city where Emperor Constantine was crowned, and where for a thousand years, the greatest church in the whole of Byzantine Kingdom stood. Later, when the Ottoman Empire flourished, it was converted to a mosque. In modern Turkey, it is a shrine to both religions, and a monument to history. You can see it in the photo above, the magnificent multi layered dome and minarets of the Aya Sofya. This immense building stands on the banks of the Bosporus, and in the country which is still the only land link between South Eastern Europe and Asia. A confluence of cultures, religions and people exist here. Welcome to Turkey.

What is Dan Roy doing here? He has faded to the far east, but in Kowloon an old acquaintance comes knocking with grave news. One of the most dangerous assassins of the world has been seen in Istanbul. Dan needs to find out what this person is up to. No one in the world, apart from Dan, knows what the assassin looks like.

And she knows what Dan looks like, because their paths have crossed before.

For the first time, Dan has a rival assassin to deal with. And she just happens to be a woman who has a score to settle with him.

As you read Dan's latest escapade, I am sure you will agree with me on one thing: The female of the assassin species is more deadlier than the male...

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