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Almost there

It's that time of the year again. Bird tweets awaken us in the morning, sinking into the subconscious long before our eyelids snap open. Branches still bare, but a few green shoots have arrived in defiance of cold and rain.

My current work too, is almost done. At the rate of 5,000+ words a day, for a full day's work. The rest of the time, well, whenever I find time. Time has that one irascible quality - once its gone, it never comes back. Sounds obvious, right? For me, it's almost like a warning bell. Time is slipping by. Make use of it. Even an hour of writing is better than no writing.

On my full days, I start at 9am, work till 1pm. Then have a 30min break from lunch, then carry on till 5pm.

The days I have to go for my day job - 2 hours in the morning if I have time, and 1-2 hours in the evening, depending how tired I am.

Obviously, family time is important. My wife is very supportive in that regard. Instinctively, she is aware that a writer's life is one of solitude. Without that hermit like existence, a book would never be written.

But I am almost there. 73,000 words up, maybe another 10,000 and this MS will be done. Then the editing, proofing, ARC copies, and finally its birth into your hands.

Take care of my baby wont you?

Just like you cannot control ( not in the long run) what your children will grow up to become, a writer has no control over how someone will view their book. I am lucky, several have written to me saying they enjoy it. That is gratification enough.

My readers are like the stars I see when I look up at the night sky. As long as you are here, so will I.

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